About Us

Mehromah surgical and plastic expert team builds a new evolutionary idea in beauty services and plastic surgeries.

Since there are many applicants for this kinds of services, approaching the appropriate goal requires high skill and expertise alongside creativity of the doctor.

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During around 20 years of medical and doing surgical operations and also researching results and by knowing proficient doctors in each field, with gathering these doctors I've stablished a new revolution in beauty services inorder to get the best results.

Mehromah surgical and medical team are created by this idea, so that we are getting the most artistic and best results in beauty surgeries.

The process in our creative method is to develop a powerful surgical team for beauty surgeries instead of doing all operations by one doctor.

In this creative method after visiting people demanding beauty surgeries, by consultation and contemplation, our team choose the best procedure, best doctors and surgical team in regards of the operation.

In this way, personal faults which are ineluctable in surgery operations will approach its lowest level possible.

The chosen medical team which is lead by a surgeon will going for operation and stay there until the end of operation to minimize the personal faults and with teamwork and supervision, they will achieve the best result.

It should be noted that operations which done by single person are often in danger of high human fault percentage due to Fatigue and prolongation of operation and the results are not artistic and desirable.

With this creative technique, Mehromah medical team recorded skillful and artistic results in their resume during their work history which are significant.